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Dutch for Expats: learn Dutch fast in Amsterdam!

With so many Dutch language courses on offer these days, and so many options for studying languages abroad, as an expat you need to make sure that you are choosing a quality experience and a first rate education. When you are looking for Dutch classes, Amsterdam is the place to be.

Choose wisely and study Dutch at Dutch Courses Amsterdam Katakura WBLC, a  quality school where you can immerse yourself in the culture and adventure of a foreign country as you study Dutch. It is very much apreciated in the Netherlands when foreigners can speak Dutch. Whatever you want to do in life, learning another language is a superb challenge and at Dutch Courses Amsterdam Katakura WBLC you will find many opportunities to gain confidence and qualifications to build a foundation for your future career.

Dutch Courses Amsterdam Katakura WBLC has 2 locations in Amsterdam. One is located in the centre of Amsterdam near the Anne Frank House and the other is in the south part of Amsterdam near the World Trade Centre.

Dutch Classes Amsterdam – Our Dutch Courses

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Why Katakura WBLC?

  • Our school is international, friendly and relaxed.
  • We guarantee small classes (max 8 to 9 students), leading systematically from 1 level to the next.
  • All our teachers are native-speakers, experienced, highly competent and are using communicative, dynamic methodology.
  • Our teachers make learning fun and get amazing results. Lively conversation and discussion is the main aim, but there is also language input (vocabulary and  grammar) and practice of other skills.
  • We offer 12-, 8-, 4-, 2-1 week and weekend courses, (semi)intensive Dutch language courses with monthly start dates.
  • 2 locations in Amsterdam (Amsterdam Centre & Amsterdam World Trade Centre).
  • Competitive pricing. Prices are lower than in other schools.


Courses which are starting this week:

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Beg 1&2 (WTC): Saturday 12:00-15:00 Start: Oct 22


Level: Beginners 1&2 (Complete Beginners)
Time: 12:00-15:00 / Saturday
Duration: 7 lessons of 3 hours (total 24 hours / total 8 weeks)
Starting Date: October 22, 2016
Textbook: Code Nederlands (Book 1 Chapter 1)
Location: Havikshorst 30, near World Trade Centre and Rai Station
Lesson fee: in total € 210,00
You can sign up until October 20 (2016)

Int 2&3 (CENTRE):Tue & Thursday 20:00-22:00 Start: Oct 18 SPECIAL PRICE - FAST COURSE - ONLY 1 PLACE LEFT


Level: Intermediate 2&3 (Level A2+)
Time: 20:00-22:00 / Tuesday & Thursday
Duration: 4 lessons of 2 hours (total 10 hours / total 2 weeks)
Starting Date: October 18, 2016
Textbook: Code Nederlands (Book 2 Chapter 6)
Location: Egelantiersstraat 126, near Anne Frank House
Lesson fee: in total € 90,00
You can sign up until October 18 (2016)


For signing up: click on the yellow button below! (ATTENTION: when you use a Yahoo or Hotmail email account, please mail us directly at: or use another email account like Gmail.)



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