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Guide to the Dutch: Society and working culture

Are the Dutch really flexible and direct? For those living in the Netherlands, we take a look at Dutch attitudes to work, family life and time management to ease integration. How we look upon and judge the lifestyle and workplace of other cultures depends on how we view the world from our own cultural background. […]

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KATAKURA WBLC Dutch Language Pub (free of charge)

Dutch Language Pub – Dutch Courses For Free – KATAKURA WBLC   Expat Meetup Amsterdam Dutch Language Pub – Learn Dutch for free!   Expat Meetup Amsterdam Dutch Language Pub – Learn Dutch for free! Learn Dutch for free at the Dutch Language Pub for Expats! Every first Friday of the Month @ 20:00 (sometimes ’the pub’ […]

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Dutch children near bottom of pocket money ranking

Dutch children get much less pocket money on average than their peers in other European countries, according to research by financial services group ING. The bank says Dutch 10 to 15-year-olds get an average of €5 a week, but the European average is €9.50. The gap stretches for the over 15s. Older Dutch teenagers get […]

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20 things to do in Amsterdam

The best parks, museums, restaurants, shops, sights and more Until recently, the Netherlands’ capital was something of a work-in-progress, its world-class art museums – among them the Rijksmuseum, the Stedelijk museum of modern art and the Van Gogh Museum – shuttered for ambitious renovations that temporarily shifted the focus away from the city’s rich artistic heritage towards its sleazy, hedonistic side. Although […]

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Dutch universities are using more flexible contract staff

An increasing number of university academic staff are being employed on flexible contracts, the Volkskrant reports on Tuesday. Over the past 17 years, the number of staff on flexible contracts has doubled, rising to 40% in 2012. If PhD students, most of whom are on temporary contracts, are included, the number of academics on flexible […]

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