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Finding work in the Netherlands 3 – Agencies

By Henry Stokes Finding work in the Netherlands through Agencies In the first article I discussed finding work in the Netherlands by doing a resume drop and handing out CVsthroughout the city. The second article was about finding jobs by targeting bars and hostels directly. In this third article, and final of the trilogy, I discuss finding work by […]

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Amsterdam club Trouw will be danced in for the last time on January 3rd. Trouw is the first club to be granted a 24 hour permit by the city of Amsterdam and is situated in the former printing press of the Trouw newspaper. The property has been sold and will be renovated next year. In its place […]

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Well prepared for the Inburgering exam through intensive training Start: September 13th, 2014 Time: Saturday (10:00-12:00 and 13:00-15:00) Duration: 5 lessons of 4 hours ( once a week) Textbook: Bagage – Kennis van de nederlandse samenleving – Nelleke Koot Location: Havikshorst 30 (near Rai-station and World Trade Centre) Tuition fee: € 290,40(incl. 21% VAT) all […]

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Buying a house in the Netherlands

ABN AMRO Seminar: Buying a house in the Netherlands ABN AMRO International Client Desk Amsterdam invites you to a free seminar on housing in the Netherlands on 25 September, 2014. [Contributed by ABN AMRO] Expats frequently ask if buying a house in the Netherlands is possible and wise, even if it’s only for a short […]

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The 5 Stages of Learning Dutch

By Henry Stokes It was only after I moved to the Netherlands that I started learning Dutch. Before that, I knew only a few words and phrases. So as you can imagine, the move was not an easy one. A smarter man would have come more prepared. Then again, where would be the adventure in […]

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Get in touch with expats in the Netherlands

When imagining your life in the Netherlands, you may think about tulips, windmills and cheese-serving women with blonde braids. But even if you clearly recognize these stereotypes for what they are you probably expect to find a laid-back, romantic European country, with a high standard of living. And this expectation is not entirely unrealistic. The […]

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What’s On Amsterdam

What’s On Amsterdam Anne This new play based on the life of Anne Frank uses her writings to tell the story of the two years spent by her and her family in the secret annex in Amsterdam and of events before and after they went into hiding. There is a multi-lingual translation system available that can […]

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Inburgering, or civic integration

The lawyer, Jeremy Bierbach, has recently written about the topic of inburgering (very informative!).  Four areas of the law in which there is an inburgerings-requirement. These are: I. basisinburgering in het buitenland: the requirement to take a basic Dutch exam at a Dutch embassy or consulate for the purpose of getting a visa to settle in the Netherlands; II. inburgering as […]

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Tips and Advice

Watch Dutch television programs and listen to Dutch music. To learn the language it’s very important to hear the language at least 30 minutes a day. You don’t have to understand it. Dutch bands and musicians (they are all on Youtube): Blues/Jazz: B J Baartmans – Bob Fosko – Ramblers Dansorkest Chansons: Ramses Shaffy Hiphop […]

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Why I decided to learn Dutch (3)

by Sophie (UK) I had recently arrived in Amsterdam and had been invited by my Dutch boss to a business dinner with some potential new clients. I really wanted to make an impression but was very nervous about getting transport out of the city – I could cope with the tram system but getting trains and buses […]

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