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Advanced C0nversation Class (Level: A2+ / B2+)- Evening : JUNE 25

JUNE 25_____CONVERSATION CLASS_____ (Level A2+/B2+ ) Online Group Course: Tuesday 20:00-22:00 - Special Price - Fast Course - CLICK HERE for more details of this class


Level: Conversation Class (Level A2+/B2+, you can join after you have had 96 hours of Dutch courses) – Online Group Class  – 7P MAX
Time: Tuesday 20:00-22:00
Duration: 4 lessons of 2 hours (total 8 hours / self – study 10 hours/ total 4 weeks)
Starting Date: JUNE 25, 2024
Textbook: We are going to discuss news paper articles etc and and refresh a bit of grammar with The Katakura WBLC Method For Beginners: Learn Dutch Fast For Expats( Beginners 1,2,3). Online textbook is for free during your course.
Location: At your own home or office(in a quiet area)
Lesson fee: in total € 139,00 (Textbook is not included) Please note: this course may be for 4, 5, 6 or 7 persons. This is not optional, however the course will vary as appropriate: €139,00 (4p), €124,00 (5p), €115,00 (6p), €106,00 (7p).
You can sign up until  JUNE 20, 2024Enrol Now

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Those who have been living and working in the Netherlands and using the language for a longer period, but who have yet to perfect their Dutch language skills would benefit from our Dutch  advanced course. Preparation for the Dutch Ministry of Education and Science examination NT2 ( Nederlands als tweede taal )is offered as part of the advanced Dutch lessons. The special needs of these learners, such as giving presentations, participating in meetings or writing business texts can be incorporated into the tailor-made advanced Dutch courses. Amsterdam is the location where the courses are held.

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WTC = Near World Trade Centre Location in Amsterdam
CENTRE = Amsterdam Centre location(Jordaan) near Anne Frank House

Semi-intensive courses: Monday & Wednesday  or  Tuesday & Thursday

20:00-22:00 (Semi-intensive courses / 2x week

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4 lessons of 2 hours, 2 weeks, 8 hours in total.
€ 139,00

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Number of students:
4-8 max

Conversation Class:
Level A2 to B1(You can reach level B1 from level A2 in 24 hours, 3 courses of total 8 hours)

Level A2 to B2(You can reach level B2 from level A2 in 48 hours, 6 courses of total 8 hours)

Code Nederlands and own materials.
You will get them on the first day from your teacher.

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