Inburgering, or civic integration


The lawyer, Jeremy Bierbach, has recently written about the topic of inburgering (very informative!). 

Four areas of the law in which there is an inburgerings-requirement. These are:

I. basisinburgering in het buitenland: the requirement to take a basic Dutch exam at a Dutch embassy or consulate for the purpose of getting a visa to settle in the Netherlands;
II. inburgering as a municipal requirement, where you can be fined for non-compliance
and, closely related to this:
III. inburgering as a contractual requirement because you committed to taking classes.IV. inburgering as a requirement of Dutch immigration or nationality law in order to “graduate” to an independent residence status or to Dutch citizenship after a certain number of years.

Click here (click!) to read the whole topic by Jeremy Bierbach.

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