Registration and Payment Conditions

1. Payment via the bank.

2. Cancellation: after signing up a place is reserved for you on the appropriate course. Cancellation is no longer possible, even if you do not attend the lessons. This also applies to students who, for whatever reason, are only in the Netherlands on a temporary basis. Cancellation for other commitments, even if these were not known at the time of registration, is not possible.

By sending us your top two course choices, you are committing to whichever course first reaches 6 students (minimum enrolment, for a beginners 1&2 courses. For all other courses it is 4). We will then let you know the status of your course once the inscription deadline has been reached, which is mentioned in each course information. Once your enrollment form has been received we consider you committed to both courses. You will of course only be placed in one course. We will do our best to ensure it is your first choice. If your course is full we will do our best to inform you within 24 hours. 

 Please note that when you confirm you are signed up for this course and if you cannot join this course anymore for whatever reason (change in work schedule, business trip, holiday, copy-paste mistake etc) you still have to pay for the whole lesson feeCourses are non-transferrable. By enrolling and adding your name to the following statement you are agreeing to these terms. 

3. In the case of long-term illness it is possible to receive a partial refund, in the form of a credit note for the next term, as long as you can provide medical evidence.

4. It is not possible to transfer the registration of a language course to the next semester.

5. All administrative questions should be directed to the Katakura WBLC office in writing (either letter or email) and not to the teachers.

6. Katakura WBLC reserves the right to cancel courses should there not be enough participants. We will do our best to provide a suitable alternative in a group where places are available.