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Well prepared for the Inburgering exam 2015 through intensive training! The Inburgering exam 2015 is the Dutch state language test that ensures you have reached a proficient level of Dutch. We provide Inburgering Exam Training and Inburgering Exam Practice  – giving you the tools you need to pass with success. Our Inburgering Exam 2015 Training courses provide a fun and intimate learning experience that take place either one to one or in groups. Whether you are a professional looking to expand your skill set, or a new arrival looking to settle in Holland,we’ll have the right course to prepare you for the Inburgering exam 2015.

In this course you will practice effectively with all the parts of the exam exactly the way it will be done at the official exam.
This include speaking, listening, writing and reading, KNM and ONA in the classes with 6 to 8 students. 

In the classes upto 4 students there is almost the same program but the teacher provides in this class a lot of KNM (Knowledge of the Dutch Society) and ONA (small portfolio) exercises  (incl. orientation on the labor market, knowledge of dutch society etc.) for self-study. If you still need some extra help, it can be possible after the last class to do one extra hour of training. The extra fees for this are € 60,00 for 1 person, € 30 per person for 2 people, € 20 per person for 3 p and € 15 per person for 4p. Please let us know before you sign up for the course.

Inburgering is a civic Integration Course. The purpose of this course is to learn the Dutch language as well as some other aspects of Dutch culture/society.

– If you need a valid resident permit (when you don’t have a Dutch, Swiss or EU passport)
– If you apply for a Dutch passport

– You can join the Inburgering classes after having passed our A2- level check successfully (after you have had 70 hours of Dutch language training at Katakura WBLC, after intermediate 3,  or 80 hours at other schools)
– After having reached level A2 you can then register for the Inburgering exam

– A2- (A2- going to A2)

Welkom in Nederland
Author: Marilene Gathier
Publisher: Coutinho (ISBN 978 90 469 0488 6 – 3e, herziene druk)

– Havikshorst 30 (near Rai-station and World Trade Centre)


Regular course
From 6 to 8 students: 5 lessons of 4 hours.

Semi private course
From 1 to 5 students: 5 lessons of 3 hours

Tuition fee

Regular course
From 6 to 8 students: € 245,00 per person.

Semi private course
2 students: € 499,00 per person.
3 students: € 300,00 per person.
4 students: € 300,00 per person.

Regular course
From 6 to 8 students
Monday and Wednesday: 14:00-16:00 – 10 lessons of 2 hours (twice a week)
Saturday: 10:00-12:00 and 13:00-15:00 – 5 lessons of 4 hours (once a week)

Semi private course
From 1 to 3 students:
Saturday Course (10:00-13:00 0r 15:00-18:00)
Monday and Wednesday Morning Courses (09:00-10:30 or 10:30-12:00)
Monday and Wednesday Afternoon Courses (13:00-14:30 or 14:30-16:00)
Monday and Wednesday Evening Courses (18:30-20:00 or 20:00-21:30)

28 maart 2016, 27 april 2016, 5 mei 2016, 16 mei 2016, 25 & 26 december 2016

Starting Dates:

Inburgering Exam Training Course (Level A2- going to A2 ) Saturday (10:00-13:00) - Start: July 1 - 4P MAX - SPECIAL PRICE

Once a week: Inburgering Exam Training Course (Level A2- going to A2 )

Level: Inburgering Exam Training Course, A2- going to A2 level (you can join when you have had 70 hours of Dutch courses)
Time: Saturday 10:00 – 13:00
Duration: 5 lessons of 3 hours (1 x week )
Starting Date: July 1 – 2017
Textbook: Bagage
Location: Havikshorst 30, near World Trade Centre & Rai-station
Lesson fee: in total €260,00 incl. VAT (btw) / group of 4 students max
You can sign up until June 27 (2017) 

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